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Title: 統合失調症の地域支援における臨床心理学的支援 ―当事者ニーズによる検討―
Other Titles: Clinical psychological support for schizophrenics community support: Consideration of their needs
Authors: 市川, 珠理
杉山, 恵理子
阿部, 裕
清水, 良三
Keywords: 統合失調症
community support
clinical psychological support
needs assessment
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2017
Publisher: 明治学院大学心理学部
Abstract: In order to examine effective psychological measures for the community support of schizophrenics, a need assessment of psychological support required when living in a community was given to schizophrenics in urban areas. The clinical psychological needs extracted from focus group interviews to the subjects were as follows : Support for isolation and loneliness, Support for daily activities, Support from family, Support for employment, Support for finding a place where they can feel safe, secure, and comfortable, Support for enriching their experience, Support for getting knowledge and understanding of their disorder, Support for fighting against prejudice and discrimination, Support for solidarity and identity as a schizophrenic, Support for social connection, and Support for psychological development. By examining and discussing these results with the clinical psychological support functional model of previous studies on community support for schizophrenics, clinical psychological significance of the needs is understood in a pluralistic manner and it was suggested that support based on the needs is effective. We tried refining the clinical psychological support functional model from the relations of needs and the model.
統合失調症者の地域支援における有効な臨床心理学的支援を検討するために、都市部の統合失調症者を対象に、地域生活上必要な支援のニーズ調査を行った。Focus Group Interview の分析結果、臨床心理学的なニーズとして、孤立・孤独への支援、生活支援、家族の支えに纏わる支援、就労支援、居場所を得ることの支援、体験の広がり・深まりの支援、障害に対する知識・理解を得ることの支援、偏見解消への支援、当事者性への支援、社会との繋がりの重要性の認識を持つことへの支援、発達への支援が抽出され、これらを詳しく吟味した。ニーズを先行研究で得た統合失調症者の地域支援における臨床心理学的支援機能モデルを用いて検討すると、ニーズの持つ臨床心理学的意味が多元的に理解され、ニーズに基づく支援が臨床心理学的により有効となることを示した。ニーズと臨床心理学的支援機能モデルの関係性からモデルの精緻化を試みた。
Description: 【原著/Original Articles】
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10723/3024
ISSN: 1880-2494
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