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Title: Shimokitazawa:The Study of Organically Developed Shopping District in Tokyo
Authors: 服部, 圭郎
Keywords: Shopping District in Tokyo
Organic Development
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 明治学院大学産業経済研究所
Abstract: This paper takes a look in Shimokitazawa,organically developed shopping district in Tokyo,from two points of views in order to understand its characteristics. They are physical urban form and commercial activities. The study of physical urban form has found that the unique physical form of Shimokitazawa originally derived from farming village street configuration.In addition,its escape from the bombing of WWⅡ and also readjustment project had contributed to creating Shimokitazawa's narrow and winding streets configuration with a lot of cul-de-sacs that is quite friendly to pedestrian but not to autos. The study of commercial activities has found that Shimokitazawa has a lot of small shops that do not open for long time compared to other commercial districts in Tokyo. Many of these shops are individually owned and in average, do not make so much profit. The interview surveys to these merchants found that some shops are actually losing money and are on the verge of closing down. The abundance of apparel shops and cafes as well as subcultural spots such as small theatres and live music clubs has created this place quite attractive to young people.The study suggested that Shimokitazawa is the anti-thesis of scrap and build kind of mega-block development that Japanese governments are still keen on, but because of resent economic crisis and because of recent urban planning proposal of wide road that cut through the neighborhood,these unique characteristics of Shimokitazawa is in danger.
Description: 共同研究論文
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10723/1403
ISSN: 0919-9845
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