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Title: 怒りと怒りの近似概念の操作的定義の異同および怒りの操作的定義に影響を与えた要因
Other Titles: Anger and other, similar concepts, and factors influencing operational definitions of anger
Authors: 中井, あづみ
NAKAI, Azumi
Keywords: 怒り
Anger trait
Anger expression
Coronary heart disease
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2012
Publisher: 明治学院大学心理学会
Abstract: 怒りは一般的な感情体験である一方,攻撃性や敵意,いらいらなどの近似概念と混同され,定義が明確でなかった。本論では,怒りの操作的定義を,怒りの特性を説明する理論,怒りの生起を説明する理論から主に検討しつつ,類似概念と対照しながら展望することを目的とした。怒りは,感情,行動,認知の3つの成分の組み合わせであり,攻撃性や敵意の中心概念として考えることができる。怒りの測定は,怒りの特性,怒りの状態,怒りの表出から行うことができる。怒りの定義を方向付ける要因として,怒りと心身の健康との関係および対人関係に与える影響の2点が挙げられた。怒りのそれらへの負の影響については多く検討されているものの,怒りを健康や適応的な対人関係の維持増進に役立てるための実証モデルが見当たらないことが議論された。
Anger is a common emotional experience. However, its definition has remained unclear, because of the confusion between the definition of anger with the definitions of other, similar concepts, such as aggression, hostility, and irritability. The operational definitions of anger are reviewed, theories of anger arousal and anger trait are discussed, and anger is compared with other, similar concepts. Anger can be defined as the combination of three components, an emotion, a behavior, and cognition. In addition, anger is the principal concept in aggression, and hostility. Anger can be measured by using anger-traits, anger-states, as well as anger expressions. The relationship between anger and mental, and physical health, as well as interpersonal relationships is discussed as factors affecting the definition of anger. It is suggested that researchers have exclusively focused on the negative influences of anger. To date, empirically supported models of utilizing anger in maintaining and enhancing health, and interpersonal relationships have not been developed.
Description: 論文
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10723/1267
ISSN: 1880-2494
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