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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-1988 Twentieth Century Sensibilities and Heian Expectations: Recent English Studies of the Genji Monogatari WATSON, M. G.
Oct-2008 Two Globalizations and Two Endo of Century Capitalist Systems WAKUI, Hideyuki; 涌井, 秀行
Mar-2010 Two Types of Tonal Feet in Japanese SATO, Yasushi
31-Jan-2015 Understanding of the Prophetic in the Critical Thinking of Cornel West SHIMADA, Yuki; 島田, 由紀
0-Jan-2006 Underworld Crimes, Their Control and Prevention in Japan : Recent Tendencies of the Organized Crime Groups in Japan KYOTO, Norihisa; 京藤, 哲久
25-Feb-2017 U・I ターン者の語りからみる 『田舎』 と 『都会』 半澤, 誠司; 原, 祐二; 三瓶, 由紀; HANZAWA, Seiji; HARA, Yuji; SAMPEI, Yuki
20-Feb-2016 Vietnam at the End of the Road: Larry Heinemann's Coming Home in Paco's Story and Beyond MATSUMOTO, Kazuhito
15-Mar-2014 Visibilité de l'enonciation dans le roman japonais contemporain LÉVY, Jacques
31-Mar-1993 W. G. Aston's Annotations to the Rufubon Heike Monogatari WATSON, M. G.
12-Feb-1993 W. G. Aston, Japanese Studies, and the Heike Monogatari WATSON, M. G.
10-Feb-2012 What Christina Did Next : Rossetti's Adaptive Adoption of Some Courtly Love Constructs and Conceits HULLAH, Paul
Dec-2012 What drives and determines competitiveness and sustainability in small to medium-sized Australian wineries? 櫻井, 結花; SAKURAI, Yuka
Dec-2003 What is to be Written? Setting Agendas for Studies of History 竹中, 千春
31-Mar-1997 What Makes the Scholar Laugh? SEWARD, Robert
Feb-2013 What Predicts Depression among American Older Adults : Toward a New Paradigm beyond Successful Aging 明石, 留美子; AKASHI, Rumiko K.
Mar-2011 WHO「高齢者にやさしい街」プロジェクト調査 : Vancouver Protocol に基づいた港区高輪地区調査の概要 岡本, 多喜子; 高橋, 佳代; OKAMOTO, Takiko; TAKAHASHI, Kayo
20-Feb-2017 Why Can’t We Drink? Understanding the Ambiguity in the Adult-Child Distinction in Modern Japan by Looking at a Half-Century Discussion on the Minimum Age Limit for Drinking MOTOMORI, Eriko
Jan-2013 WTO-X aspects of recent RTAs ATSUMI, Toshihiro
31-Mar-2008 W・ディルタイにおける 「体験」 の定義 鵜殿, 博喜; UDONO, Hiroyoshi
25-Mar-2016 X線散乱法による金属塩水溶液からのナノ粒子生成および成長過程の考察 福山, 勝也; FUKUYAMA, Katsuya
Oct-2002 И. А. Дьяконова, ΗефтьиУгольвЭнергетике ЦарскойРоссиивМеждународных Сопоставлениях. Москва, 1999. 中山, 弘正
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