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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015 Statistics on Japanese Automotive Trade ATSUMI, Toshihiro
Mar-2013 Syria and the Arab Spring DARWISHEH, Housam; ダルウィッシュ, ホサム
31-Jan-2014 Szpilrajnの定理と選好関係 高崎, 仁良; TAKASAKI, Jinryo
31-Mar-1999 Takashi KUROSAKI, Risk and Household Decisions in Pakistan's Agriculture 平島, 成望; HIRASHIMA, Shigemochi
Feb-2011 The Acoustic Characteristics of Kiribati Long Nasals SATO, Tsutomu
Dec-2008 The Art and Science of Brainstorming INO, John
31-Jul-2014 The conceptual model of organization social responsibility LUO, Lan; WEI, Jingfu
Dec-2012 The Core Involving Public Goods Revisited:A Diagrammatic Analysis 高橋, 青天; TAKAHASHI, Harutaka
27-Mar-2012 The Crack-Up of the Signification of Gatsby : The Impossibility of History in The Great Gatsby WAKE, Issei; 和氣, 一成
Feb-2011 The Derivative Markers by Long Vowels in Hindi SATO, Tsutomu
31-Jan-2014 The disclosure of non-performing loan prevented banks' evergreening policy? : Lessons from Japanese banks' experiences SASAKI, Yuri N.
20-Feb-2017 The Durational Ratio of Short and Long Vowels in Hawaiian: A Preliminary Investigation SATO, Tsutomu
31-Mar-2017 The Dynamics of Union and Schism in Korean Church History SUH, Jeong min; 徐, 正敏
30-Mar-2011 The Education of Linguistic Minority Students in the United States: A Case Study of Asian Immigrants TANAKA, Keiko; 田中, 桂子
Mar-2011 The Fiction of Memory and the Language of Forgetting CHARIANDY, David
30-Mar-1990 The Ideology of German Medievalism (1750-1815) WATSON, Michael G.
25-Dec-2015 The Image Study of Ruhr-Region HATTORI, Keiro
Mar-2008 The Japanese Constitution and “Japaneseness” FURUICHI, Takeshi
30-Mar-2011 The Light and Shadow of Japanese Capitalism after the Second World War (The Fundamental Problem of Postwar Japan and Japanese Capitalism) WAKUI, Hideyuki; 涌井, 秀行
20-Feb-2015 The Naming of Beatrice and Laura: What Dante and Petrarch Left to Christina Rossetti HULLAH, Paul
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