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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Dec-2014 Kenjiro Ara Meets Frank Ramsey: Unbalanced Growth in a Neoclassical Optimal Growth Model TAKAHASHI, Harutaka
31-Mar-2000 Kymlicka's Theory of Minority Rights and the Situation of Korean Minority of Japan KIM, Taemyeong; 金, 泰明
25-Sep-1994 K.D.ブラウン氏講演会 : 「北アイルランド問題」について 大西, 晴樹; おおにし, はるき
Oct-2012 Learning in English : The Experiences of Japanese University Students in an English-Medium University in Japan TANAKA, Keiko; WAKE, Issei
Mar-2013 Les deux Quart Livre de Rabelais TSUTSUI, Yumiko
31-Mar-2015 Leveraging Technology in the General Education EFL Classroom VARDEN, J. Kevin; GRIMES-MACLELLAN, D. M.
24-Mar-2015 Leveraging Technology in the Japanese University EFL General Education Classroom VARDEN, J.Kevin
27-Dec-1988 Local Currency as a Convivial Tool: A Study of Money Uses from the Point of View of Substaintive Economy MARUYAMA, Makoto; 丸山, 真人
Oct-2011 Long and Winding Road : A Study of Highly Motivated Learners of English in Japan TANAKA, Keiko; 田中, 桂子
31-Jan-2012 M&Aと国民経済 高崎, 仁良; TAKASAKI, Jinryo
26-Dec-2014 Marital Relations and Personal Communities in Two Japanese Cities: Structural Effect and Cultural Context NOZAWA, Shinji
20-Feb-2017 Mele ― Another Case of Losing its Short and Long Segmental Duration Contrasts? SATO, Tsutomu
31-Jul-2012 Middle East Problems: With Special Emphasis on Israel-Palestinian Relations (Meiji Gakuin University, October 17, 2011) HARARI, Ehud
10-Feb-2012 Miskito : A Stress Language? SATO, Tsutomu
Mar-2005 Missile Defense, Missile Control and Northeast Asian Security KUROSAKI, Akira
31-Mar-2014 Miyazawa Kenji and Gary Snyder ―An Encounter of Similar Poetics? TOMIYAMA, Hidetoshi
31-Mar-1997 Modes of Reception: Heike Monogatari and the Nō Play Kogō WATSON, Michael
31-Jan-2010 Munaf v. Geren, 128 S. Ct. 2207 (2008) ―在イラク多国籍軍と人身保護令状― 中村, 良隆; NAKAMURA, Yoshitaka
Dec-2009 Mustard Gas and Roses : Vonnegut's Provocative Irony and Restless Humanism PRONKO, Michael
Feb-2013 Nasality as a social identity marker in urban Japanese IKUTA, Shoko
31-Jul-2010 New Directions of Chinese Foreign Policy ZHAO, Quansheng; 趙, 全勝
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