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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2014 Hidden Islamic Literature in a Cambodian Village: The Cham in the Khmer Rouge Period OKAWA, Reiko
9-Feb-2017 Hoping to return to the North: E. J. O. Fraser and Canadian Missionaries in Occupied Korea 1946–1948 ION, Andrew Hamish
31-Jan-2014 How close is APEC to FTAAP? ATSUMI, Toshihiro
24-Mar-2015 I numeri di due cifre advanti ad anni nella nuova ottica AOKI, Yoichiro; 青木, 洋一郎
0-Mar-2008 ICCローマ規程の改正手続と2010年検討会議 東澤, 靖; HIGASHIZAWA, Yasushi
Dec-2012 Incorporation des IFRS en France et Plan Strategique del'ANC 2012 FUJITA, Akiko
1970 Indian Entrepreneurs at the Cross Roads : A Study of Business Leadership TABE, Noboru; 田部, 昇
31-Jul-2012 Indication of country of origin on food ―How it is justified and negative effects to the international trade― TAKAHASHI, Teiji; 髙橋, 梯二
31-Jan-2017 Infant industry argument for trade protection and Japanese automotive industrial policy ATSUMI, Toshihiro; 渥美, 利弘
31-Jan-2016 Inter-Industrial Integration: M&A with Related Goods in Demand TAKASAKI, Jinryo; 高崎, 仁良
Dec-2006 International Studies of Our New Era : Immigrants, Refugees and Women 竹中, 千春
30-Mar-2005 Interpretation of Gandhi in Colonial Modernity TAKENAKA, Chiharu; 竹中, 千春
Mar-2010 Intransitive and Transitive Distinction Marked by Short and Long Vowels in Mongolian SATO, Tsutomu
Oct-2011 Islam in Hawai'i : The House of an American Billionaire Woman and Muslim Immigrants OKAWA, Reiko; 大川, 玲子
Dec-2009 Japan-US International Workshop“Reducing Threats Posed by Nuclear Weapons : Possible Cooperation between Japan and the United States” TAKAHARA, Takao
25-Feb-1997 Jinken、あるいはDenkenのこと 大西, 晴樹; おおにし, はるき
25-Dec-2014 Kenjiro Ara Meets Frank Ramsey: Unbalanced Growth in a Neoclassical Optimal Growth Model TAKAHASHI, Harutaka
31-Mar-2000 Kymlicka's Theory of Minority Rights and the Situation of Korean Minority of Japan KIM, Taemyeong; 金, 泰明
25-Sep-1994 K.D.ブラウン氏講演会 : 「北アイルランド問題」について 大西, 晴樹; おおにし, はるき
Oct-2012 Learning in English : The Experiences of Japanese University Students in an English-Medium University in Japan TANAKA, Keiko; WAKE, Issei
Mar-2013 Les deux Quart Livre de Rabelais TSUTSUI, Yumiko
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