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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2009 Cultural and Socio-Economic Dis/Advantages in the US Educational Environment: School-Related Experiences of Japanese High School Students in the United States KOGURE, Shuzo; 小暮, 修三
31-Mar-1997 Culture in Struggle: Experience of Okinawa TAKEO, Shigeki
Mar-2013 Current Trends in Corpus-based Discourse Analysis in Britain NISHINA, Yasunori; 仁科, 恭徳
19-Jan-2007 Deepening BIMSTEC-Japan Economic Relations: Task Ahead EBASHI, Masahiko; 江橋, 正彦
31-Mar-2008 Defining the Prosodic Word in Japanese SATO, Yasushi
10-Jul-2013 Der Einfluss zeitgenossischer deutscher Komponisten auf japanische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert HIGUCHI, Ryuichi; 樋口, 隆一
31-Aug-2011 Die Verständlichkeit von Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ―Unklarheitenregel und Transparenzgebot im deutschen Recht PRÖLSS, Jürgen
31-Oct-2014 Do for Others(他者への貢献):黄金律および利他主義の系譜と精神構造について 岡部, 光明; OKABE, Mitsuaki
31-Jan-2017 Does Product Market Competition Promote Economic Growth? ―Two Bargaining Systems and Creative Destruction― MURO, Kazunobu; 室, 和伸
Dec-2009 Durational Contrasts in the World Languages : Short and Long Vowel Oppositions in Kiribati SATO, Tsutomu
Mar-2010 Durational Ratios of Long Vowels against Short Vowels in Silozi SATO, Tsutomu
13-Oct-2016 E 弦理論の Nekrasov 型公式の証明について 酒井, 一博; SAKAI, Kazuhiro
12-Feb-1993 Economic Animal, Is It Racism?: Characters without Faces, Stereotypes without Sympathy SEWARD, Robert
31-Mar-1997 Economics Nobel Prize, Institutional Economics and Japanese Experiences NAGHIZADEH, Mohammad
0-Mar-2007 ECにおける物の自由移動とワインの原産地呼称 : 欧州司法裁判所2000年5月16日判決を手がかりにして 蛯原, 健介; EBIHARA, Kensuke
31-Jan-2008 EC企業結合規則2004年改正における企業結合の評価(上)―近年の企業結合規制改革に関する一考察― 平川, 幸彦; HIRAKAWA, Sachihiko
31-Jan-2011 EC企業結合規則2004年改正における企業結合の評価(中)―近年の企業結合規制改革に関する一考察― 平川, 幸彦; HIRAKAWA, Sachihiko
31-Jan-2016 Effect of World Bank Loan Financial Covenants on Private Japanese Electric Power Companies(1953 to 1961) KITAURA, Takashi; 北浦, 貴士
16-Apr-2014 Embedded Racism: A Critical Analysis of the Structural Dynamics Behind Racial Discrimination in Japan ARUDOU, Debito; 有道, 出人
31-Jan-2012 Enhancing Global Capabilities Via Study Tours : A Japanese Perspective SAKURAI, Yuka
2013 Entrepreneurship Development in India: Emergence from Local to Global Business Leadership TABE, Noboru; GIRIAPPA, Somu
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