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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2008 Behavior of human m.gastrocnemius during explosive stretch-shortening cycle movement investigated by ultrasonography KUROKAWA, Sadao
24-Mar-2014 bloody hell―bloodyの共起語抽出に関して― 仁科, 恭徳; NISHINA, Yasunori
31-Mar-2015 Britain’s Post-War Empire and “The UN Containment Policy” HANZAWA, Asahiko
26-Jan-2018 Canadian Missionaries in Korea and Japan and the Korean War 1950-1951 ION, Andrew Hamish
Oct-2011 Casualties of Chemical Warfare in Iran : Response of Iranian Civil Society to the Tragedy KHATERI, Shahriar
15-Nov-2010 Challenges of Implementing a University English for Academic Purposes Program in Japan TANAKA, Keiko; 田中, 桂子
Feb-2013 Channeling the Marx Brothers:Comic Dialogue in DeLillo's White Noise PRONKO, Michael
31-Mar-2016 Cold War Redux? ―Ukraine and the New World Disorder PASHA, Mustapha Kamal; パシャ, ムスタファ・カマル
27-Mar-2012 Communicative Competence in the 21st Century : Issues in Japan's University English Language Education TANAKA, Keiko; 田中, 桂子
14-Nov-2015 Considering the Social Background of Prenatal Tests in Japan Tsuge, Azumi
31-Mar-2008 Construction of the SO(10)-invariant interaction lagrangians KURODA, Masaaki
Nov-2005 Cool School Peer-Mediation Programme : ニュージーランドの平和教育の現場から 上條, 直美
31-Jan-2010 Culpa in Contrahendo:ラテンアメリカ法のもとでの契約締結上の過失責任 阿部, 博友; ABE, Hirotomo
24-Mar-2009 Cultural and Socio-Economic Dis/Advantages in the US Educational Environment: School-Related Experiences of Japanese High School Students in the United States KOGURE, Shuzo; 小暮, 修三
31-Mar-1997 Culture in Struggle: Experience of Okinawa TAKEO, Shigeki
Mar-2013 Current Trends in Corpus-based Discourse Analysis in Britain NISHINA, Yasunori; 仁科, 恭徳
19-Jan-2007 Deepening BIMSTEC-Japan Economic Relations: Task Ahead EBASHI, Masahiko; 江橋, 正彦
31-Mar-2008 Defining the Prosodic Word in Japanese SATO, Yasushi
10-Jul-2013 Der Einfluss zeitgenossischer deutscher Komponisten auf japanische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert HIGUCHI, Ryuichi; 樋口, 隆一
31-Aug-2011 Die Verständlichkeit von Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ―Unklarheitenregel und Transparenzgebot im deutschen Recht PRÖLSS, Jürgen
31-Oct-2014 Do for Others(他者への貢献):黄金律および利他主義の系譜と精神構造について 岡部, 光明; OKABE, Mitsuaki
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