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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-1996 [表紙メッセージ] 鍛冶, 智也; かじ, ともや
25-Sep-1994 [表紙メッセージ] 山崎, 美貴子; やまざき, みきこ
25-May-1995 [表紙メッセージ] 辻, 泰一郎; つじ, たいいちろう
31-Jan-2015 A basic study of overseas expansion in Japanese small and medium enterprises MARUYAMA, Masahiro
10-Dec-1998 A Neglected Missionary Resource for Understanding Religion in Post-War Japan YOUNG, Richard F.; ヤング, リチャード F.
Oct-2011 A Perspective on the Attitudinal Study of Collective Happiness 青柳, 寛
31-Jul-2017 A review of Japanese voluntary export restraint (VER) on automobiles ATSUMI, Toshihiro
15-Feb-2014 A Study of Interactional Politeness Strategies by Japanese Learners of English 1 IKUTA, Shoko
20-Feb-2015 A Study of Interactional Politeness Strategies by Japanese Learners of English 2 IKUTA, Shoko
24-Mar-2015 A Study of the Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Using Instructional Rubrics via Moodle in an Academic English Writing Course for Japanese Students ARROWSMITH, Paul M.
30-Mar-2001 A. K. Sen and Jean Dreze, India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity 平島, 成望; HIRASHIMA, Shigemochi
14-Nov-2015 A. Kadushin著Supervision in Social Workについて 深谷, 美枝; Fukaya, Mie
20-Feb-2017 A.Kadushin 「ソーシャルワークにおけるスーパービジョン」① ―ソーシャルワーク ・ スーパービジョンの歴史的発展― 深谷, 美枝; FUKAYA, Mie
31-Mar-2017 A.Kadushin 「ソーシャルワークにおけるスーパービジョン」② ―ソーシャルワーク ・ スーパービジョンの定義に向かって― 深谷, 美枝; FUKAYA, Mie
Mar-2010 Acoustic Correlates of Devoiced Japanese Vowels : Velar Context VARDEN, J. Kevin
Mar-2011 Adaptation of a Year-long CALL Reading Course to the Japanese University Semester VARDEN, J. Kevin; ヴァーデン, J. ケヴィン
30-Mar-1990 Aggrieving Wrongs since Deshima SEWARD, Robert
31-Mar-2003 Alexander George, Western State Terrorism 大木, 昌; OKI, Akira
25-Feb-2016 Alf Stone and Occupied Japan 1946-1948: Missionary Hopes and Christian Opportunities ION, Andrew Hamish
31-Jul-2011 aliud-Lieferungと過大給付をめぐって:ドイツ法の状況を中心 大木, 満
10-Mar-2000 Amor et Pax voviscum sint.(愛と平和があなた方と共にありますように) 千葉, 茂美; ちば, しげみ
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