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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-1990 The Ideology of German Medievalism (1750-1815) WATSON, Michael G.
25-Dec-2015 The Image Study of Ruhr-Region HATTORI, Keiro
Mar-2008 The Japanese Constitution and “Japaneseness” FURUICHI, Takeshi
30-Mar-2011 The Light and Shadow of Japanese Capitalism after the Second World War (The Fundamental Problem of Postwar Japan and Japanese Capitalism) WAKUI, Hideyuki; 涌井, 秀行
20-Feb-2015 The Naming of Beatrice and Laura: What Dante and Petrarch Left to Christina Rossetti HULLAH, Paul
25-Mar-2010 The Philosophical, Political, and the Practical Dimensions of English for Academic Purposes Education: A Focus on Critical Thinking TANAKA, Keiko; 田中, 桂子
30-May-2001 The pleasure of a sabbatical ION, A. Hamish
31-Jul-2016 The Politics of Listening and the Narration of Trauma in Sakai Kō and Hamaguchi Ryūsuke's Tōhoku Trilogy SAITO, Ayako
31-Jul-2014 The Research on Pension Problems of Rural Elderly Living Alone in China from the Perspective of Good Governance SHI, Lifang; MA, Xiaorui
21-Nov-2014 The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Democratic Transition: The Case of International Democracy Assistance to Domestic Election Monitoring Organisations (DEMOs) in Indonesia VIRGIANITA, Asra; フィルジアニタ, アスラ
1-Dec-2015 The Role of Translation in the Canon Formation of the Japanese Classics WATSON, Michael; ワトソン, マイケル
Oct-2008 The Script for Peace in the 21st century : Article 9 from the Perspective of the Business World SHINAGAWA, Masaji
Mar-2013 The Syllable is Not a Universal Prosodic Unit―a case of Japanese SATO, Yasushi; 佐藤, 寧
Oct-2011 The Trials of Manliness and Civilization : The Ideology of “Nordicism” and “Manifest Domesticity” in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned WAKE, Issei; 和氣, 一成
10-Jul-2013 The World Viewed by Wang Bing SAITO, Ayako; 斉藤, 綾子
15-Feb-2014 Thematic Compression in the Film Adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men" PRONKO, Michael
31-Jan-2015 To Build a New Japan: Canadian Missionaries in Occupied Japan 1946-1948 ION, Andrew Hamish
25-Mar-2016 TOEIC 問題における文法項目の説明方法について 長谷川, 剛; HASEGAWA, Tsuyoshi
0-Mar-2008 TRIPS協定第3節の国内的実施をめぐって : WTO加盟国におけるワインの地理的表示保護 オーディエ, ジャック; 蛯原, 健介; AUDIER, Jacques; EBIHARA, Kensuke
31-Mar-1988 Twentieth Century Sensibilities and Heian Expectations: Recent English Studies of the Genji Monogatari WATSON, M. G.
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